Casey Trickle

M.S. Student

M.S. Plant Pathology, University of Wisconsin Madison (2021-Present)
Certificates in Geographic Information Systems, University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point (2017)
B.A. Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh (2013)

Research Interests: My interests extend to all facets of environmental conservation, stewardship, and sustainability. My previous research includes animal behavior and conservation, environmental mapping and modeling, and integrated pest management in cranberries. My current research investigates the resurfacing populations of a native cranberry insect pest species and the prevalence of a historically significant disease that this pest can spread.

Personal Interests: Outside of academia I am active in the tabletop/pen and paper roleplay gaming community and have my own evolving universe for fantasy adventures. In the real world I am a big foodie, PC/console gamer, lover of all canines, and adventurer of any trail off the beaten path.